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28 February 2011 @ 11:38 pm
Dear LiveJournal....  
I tried to write you earlier. It didn't come out so well....

 I tried to love you. But now I know I can't. I tried so so hard. But I don't know what else I can do. What do I need to do to make you love me?

Yeah.... anyway...

First day of classes today! Half semesters FTW! The Main Campus of my college is fucking huge, plus we have an awesome Dominoes that serves breakfast!! Unfortunately I have class 5 Days a week, but the class is only about an hour and a half long so its not too bad. After class today I just kind of hung around the campus testing out the benches and searching for a place to plug in my lappy.

Speaking of my crappy lappy. I need to open her up and perform surgery...with a can of compressed air. Damn dusty ass tables have clogged up the fan, and now it makes weird, 'things are caught in the fan blades' noise. So in an effort to avoid my computer from lighting the dust on fire and causing my computer to explode I will need to locate a proper screwdriver.

Right now I'm drifting in and out of sleep while waiting for a download to finish. I need more stock images so I can create a few minisites and book covers for my portfolio. I plan to start taking website design commissions on DA and maybe some Internet Marketing sites. I could really use the extra cash to get ready for Metrocon, I am aiming to go with some of my friends this year so I won't be wandering around aimlessly taking candid photos of cosplayers.

Speaking of my money woes, I applied for a job at virtually every subway shop in town. I mainly applied for the chance at discounted meatball subs. So far I haven't had any calls but I plan to re-apply next  month. I think I can submit an application every 30 days, my plan is to annoy them with my application until one of them hires me.

2 Hours and 10 Minutes left on this download. I need to pack my shit for tomorrow and find a good spiral notebook for note taking.