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Angie (Angel Face)
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OMG its my face!

I'm interested in tons of different things. I like sewing, and designing clothes. I used to do a lot of cosplay but lately I haven't found any characters I want to dress up as. I'm also into web and graphic design. I like to make websites and I hope to run my own domain name in the future so then I can upload as many sites as I want to.

I also like going to school and being with my friends. It gives me something to do every day. I can be a completely different person at home then from the person I am at school. I'm more lively, and probably more interesting. I'm way more open with my Interests.

I dance around to techno music, I watch anime, I play dress up (don't ask). I love to do a lot of strange things like going to Anime cons, and laughing at crappy monster movies. I also love to wear wigs. For some reason I cant grow my hair and I have just gotten spoiled by the ease and use of wearing a wig. Plus I can have whatever hair style I want without a lot of maintenance on my part.

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